Selected Poems

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Dark and Light Fantastic

These extracts were published in the Belgian literary magazine Écritures no. 13 (2001).
Clap Hands Beat Time

A Homage to Henry
     Written in 1992, on the twentieth anniversary of the John Berryman's death.

An Answer to Exile

Mona Lisa and Demons at Penn Station, New York
Afflicted and Unafflicted on Fifth Avenue, New York
Abraham Lincoln and the Suicide March of Lemmings
From Sonnet to Syllable
From Syllable to Sonnet
The True Survivors
Night Train from Chicago

Another Kind of Optimism (1974)

Twice upon a time
Kavanagh a la Carte
No One to Wave At

Love in the Afternoon (1971)

Lines in Memory of My Father
The Book
A Hard Night's Daze
Last of the Magi, Maybe

Sunlight on a Square